After-sales Service

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Kechuang machinesare now sold well at domestic and abroad, and have reached cooperation with a number of well-known companies. Behind these achievements is the perfect display of the spirit of excellence and the quality of pursuing the promise. The broad prospects are slowly spreading in front of the kechuang people.


Step outside and go to the world. This is the goal of every Chinese company, and quality and integrity are important sources and guarantees for sustainable development of the company.Upholding the value philosophy of “Quality first, honesty, and win-win”.

Pre-sale service

If you have project or plan,but have no experience or need our suggestionAccording to your requirement, we can recommend corresponding solution,project and machinery.We can arrange the trial and test running with suitable machinery for you in CM factory.

Sale service

If you are planning to purchase machinery from us, According to your factory building and required space, we can provide the exact layout.Our optimized production system can ensure you get the best machinery in the shortest production time.

After-sales service

If you have purchased machinery or production line from us, We can provide training for your technicians.Quick response for any enquiry and question of yoursComplete data base for each machinery which are serviced in your plant.